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Latest GPS News

Griffon GPS

A GPS is a popular tool for travelers in America – people like to know where they are going, how long it will take to get there and any problems they may run into along the way. Missouri Western has now provided a navigation tool for students to use as …

Does Using GPS to Track Children Provide False Security?

A missing child is every parent's worst nightmare. Global positioning services or GPS offer a way to monitor your child's location, but purchasing expensive cell phones for young children is not very practical. Now a device marketed for parents of four …

Cops: GPS device helped catch Bensalem bank robber

She slipped the GPS-type device in with the money, which police said they used to find Keiper in Philadelphia. When Keiper was removed from his car several wrapped bundles of money along with the tracking device fell out of his jacket, police said.

Recycling area missed due to GPS glitch

Waste Management trucks had a glitch in GPS coverage for picking up recycle bins on Monday. In the meantime, some bins were overturned by wind, causing the contents to become airborne in the neighborhood near Sunrise Elementary in northeast …

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