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Timex Full-Size T5K639 Marathon GPS Watch Reviews

Timex Full-Size T5K639 Marathon GPS Watch

Timex Full-Size T5K639 Marathon GPS Watch Editor’s Rating:
List Price:$ 125.00
Sale Price:[wpramaprice asin=”B0071CEMRC”]

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Product Description

This entry level, GPS powered running product is perfect for budget minded running and outdoor enthusiasts looking for a no-frills training device with the value of the Timex brandThe Timex Marathon GPS lets you track your workouts with surprisingly advanced features at such an affordable price point. It lets athletes of any skill level monitor speed, distance, and energy expended, and utilizes advanced GPS technology powered by SiRFstarIV. You can even manage splits without touching a button, a


  • GPS training device and watch lets you track workouts with surprisingly advanced features at an affordable price point
  • Lets athletes of any skill level monitor speed, distance, and energy expended; utilizes advanced GPS technology powered by SiRFstarIV
  • Manage splits without touching a button, and use five alarms for in-workout reminders
  • 30-workout memory with 100 laps per workout; eight-hour battery life in GPS mode and rechargeable lithium-ion battery with cable
  • Includes limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty

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  1. Tatjana Injac "Tanja"
    233 of 236 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Good value for a basic GPS watch, April 18, 2012
    Tatjana Injac “Tanja” (New Zealand) –

    This review is from: Timex Marathon GPS Watch (Watch)
    I’ve been running recreationally for four years, three to four times a week, usually with one long run on Sundays. I bought this watch two weeks ago because I wanted a cheap, simple, waterproof GPS watch that shows current running speed.

    For those of you new to GPS watches, you should know that GPS watches don’t give you an instant pace, but an “average” current pace over some number of seconds. During my first run, I did a little experiment to see how fast this watch picks up the change in speed. At warm-up, watch was showing 6.1min/km. I sped up to the pace I know from experience was about 5 min/km. Initially nothing happened. After 20-30 seconds, pace changed to 5.8, then after another 10-15 seconds to 5.6, and it kept going down. It took around a minute to go down to 5.1min/km.

    It is fairly simple to use: you press the GPS button, wait 30 seconds to pick up the signal, click “Mode” few times till you find “Run”, and press “Start”. Watch display is quite large, easy to see, and you can adjust the contrast of letters vs the background. Display shows time/distance/current pace. You can change that to time/distance/km/ per hour (for biking) or time/distance/calories or few other combinations.

    You can do automatic laps, or splits, and you can use it indoors, like a normal chronograph watch.

    The watch is fairly bulky, like other GPS watches on the market.

    -Great battery life of 8 hours of running (apparently it lasts few months as a normal watch)
    -Easy to re-charge off the USB port
    -Waterproof, you can swim with it
    -The cheapest GPS running watch on the market

    -No option of downloading data , although you can save the runs and review them on the watch. One of the web reviews said that Soleus cable can be used to download data, but Timex company has obviously chosen not to offer that option.
    -No heart rate monitor (there is a small heart symbol, and my suspicion is Timex has not provided that option, either, probably because nobody would be buying their more expensive watches if this one offered the same features for a third of the price)
    -Buttons are sensitive, I switched indiglo light on few times by accident.

    For the price of $99, this is a very good value. It’s so much cheaper than other GPS watches on the market. If you need a very basic, no-fuss watch to monitor your time, distance and pace on medium to long runs, this will do the job.

    I would prefer to give it 4.5 stars due to sensitive buttons, but apart from that, the watch does what it promises, and price is amazing.


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  2. 109 of 120 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Works well if you’re okay with its limitations, April 13, 2012
    GDB (Louisiana) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Timex Marathon GPS Watch (Sports)
    I purchased this GPS watch to help my training for an upcoming 10K. I was looking for a watch that could tell me my current pace, because I was trying to maintain a 7.5min/mile pace for my training. The watch fit well and is a little bulky, but that is to be expected. The GPS took about 30 seconds to fix, and that was after I found a clearing where there was no tree branch overhang. I usually start my runs with a short walk followed by a slow jog for a quarter mile where I will then stop and strech for a bit before I start the bulk of my run. I did not stop the timer because I was more interested in the distance I covered and my current pace, so I didn’t care that the timer was still moving (Starting a timed run is how the process works. You start the timer with the GPS active and it measures distance, pace, and time elapsed). What I noticed after I began running again at a fairly fast speed – what I thought was approximately a 7.5 min/mile pace, was that the pace it was reporting was still in the high teens and only slowly incrementing downwards as I ran. I stopped my run, reset the clock, and restarted. It then showed a much faster speed. Long story short is that the pace the watch offers is only an AVERAGE PACE, not a CURRENT PACE. I scoured the small booklet that comes with it to see if I could change a setting, but alas not. I am sending it back because although overall pace might be good for a long run where current pace is not as important, but for those who are doing speed work or interval runs who need to know how fast they are going AT THAT MOMENT, then this watch will not suit.

    If anyone can tell me another GPS watch that offers the feature I seek at this watch’s price point I would be grateful.


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  3. Wee Meng Low "Meng"
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Simple GPS Watch, December 2, 2012
    Wee Meng Low “Meng” (Asia) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Timex Marathon GPS Watch (Sports)
    This is my 3rd GPS watch. The first 2 were Garmin and Motorola. Garmin was getting old and could not get satellite fix reliably, while the Motorola was full featured but recently it has been recording my runs as multisport much to my annoyance. I switched to this watch thinking less features may mean less possible points of failure.

    I like the simplicity of this watch. While on the run, tells you your time, distance covered and (almost) current pace. There are options to view other data but usually the default is good enough for me. After your run, you will then be able to see a whole load of other data points such as average pace and lap times. The waterproofing gives me peace of mind when the weather gets wet.

    The bulk is not too bad really, it’s not much bigger than most GPS watches out there. It looks and feels so regular that I wear even when I am not running.

    I wish I could upload my runs to track them. Right now I just have to record my times manually. I also wish the charging cable is a generic USB port rather than a proprietary clip so that I could charge it in different locations. But I think that would make it more difficult to waterproof the watch.

    So far I am happy with the watch. It does what it says. Getting a GPS fix is fairly quick at about 30 secs which is good enough for me.

    Once again, five stars if I could upload my runs. But at this price I think they’ve done an honestly good job.

    Go for it if you want a simple GPS watch with no upload feature.


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