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MediaTek makes minor tweaks with Helio P15


MediaTek’s Helio P10 is pretty popular among manufacturers looking to fill in a mid-range phone the right way. Sony uses the chipset for its lower-end Xperia X phones, for example.

In the wake of its success, MediaTek came out with the P20 and P25 chipsets. But for those who can’t afford such a big step up, there’s now the Helio P15 chipset.

While the P20 and P25 are built on TSMC’s 16nm process, the P15 remains on the older 28nm fabrication. But it can still clock up to 2GHz on all eight of its Cortex-A53 cores. The Mali-T860 GPU gets a slight bump in speed from 700MHz to 800Mhz. RAM compatibility remains stuck with LPDDR3, though, but it does allow for 2-channel carrier aggregation and Cat. 6 LTE speeds.

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