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How GPS works

Global Positioning System

How GPS works

This video gives you a simple overview of the current GPS system and how it works. It also introduces other GPS systems from, Russia, Europe and China.
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How to convert a mobile phone to GPS device?

I want to track my location using Global Positioning System, through my cell phone. Are there softwares available to enable such a feature. Lastly, how do these softwares detect my position.

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Answer by HDN
I know some people who have used this and liked it: http://www.amazegps.com/welcome.php

I guess they locate you by your position relative to cell towers.


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  3. i found this very very interesting, thank you a lot for this video! 🙂 can
    you give some more info on A-GPS ? assisted GPS? thanks a lot!

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    It is time-travel: of the clocks into the future. If you traveled very
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  6. Only as a matter of gross oversimplification. It’s time dilation.

  7. Besides being quite educational, i found it quite nice how you had mannaged
    to explain everything to just the right detail, thank you.

  8. PentagonalAntiprism

    Time speed-up/slow-down is not time travel, but nice video!

  9. what is the difference between triangulate and illustrate. help me with

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