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Lyft Announces New Rewards Program and Perks for Frequent Riders

Lyft thinks you should choose its service over Uber — and in a few months, it’ll reward you for doing so.

The rideshare service announced on Monday the impending launch of what it calls Lyft Rewards. Just think of it as a frequent flyer or loyalty program, but for your mobile ridesharing app. The more you ride with Lyft, the more you’ll be rewarded.

Each ride you take in a Lyft will get you reward points, which users will be able to track in their profile on the Lyft app. Reportedly, the points will be based on the amount of money customers spend on Lyft, rather than the number of rides they take. If riders earn enough points, they will be able to trade them in for certain perks or upgrades.

Lyft App reward point tracking | Lyft

While Lyft hasn’t yet announced the full set of perks users can get, it did mention potential upgrades to fancier Lyft Lux vehicles and discounts on future rides. Other elements of the rewards program, such as being able to request rides with more experienced drivers or “double-point” days for earning points, may also be on the table.

There’s no timeline for the launch of additional perks; however — Lyft only says that the program will get “better over time.”

It’s a similar idea to Lyft’s existing Business Profiles platform, which lets users efficiently manage and earn rewards for business trips taken via Lyft. Launching a loyalty program for regular riders is yet another way Lyft is seeking to differentiate itself from its more dominant competitor, Uber.

Both companies recently launched subscription services that let users get discounted or free access to rides for a monthly fee, but Lyft and Uber appear to be taking different approaches when it comes to rewards programs.

Uber currently has a similar rewards program, but for its drivers. Whether or not the company will follow Lyft’s lead and launch a loyalty program for riders remains to be seen.

Lyft will launch its Lyft Rewards program in certain markets and cities come December, with broader availability slated to roll out early next year. It’s not clear which cities have been chosen.

Users in those selected markets will receive emails and notifications about the program launch, Lyft said.

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