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Watch the new Google Pixel phone get hacked in 60 seconds


When Google unveiled its first standalone smartphone project last month, we were treated to a solid device with a ‘meh’ two-tone design.

Still, it’s something that can quite clearly compete with the big boys of the handset game, especially when it comes to the camera specs.

The director of Android security at Google, Adrian Ludwig, also believes the Pixels are as secure as iPhones.

“For almost all threat models [the Pixels and iPhone] are nearly identical in terms of their platform-level capabilities,” Ludwig told Motherboard at a security conference.

But are they?

Well, after a video surfaced showing a Chinese group compromising a Pixel in around a minute at the PwnFest hacking competition — yes, a real thing — that took place in Seoul on Friday, it would appear not.

As you can see from the suspiciously light-barren video above, the hackers, who work at security solutions company Qihoo 360, were able to pretty quickly gain remote access to all of the Pixel’s insides. Just for that, they also won $120,000 in cash.

As you can imagine, Google is now said to be patching the exploit, while Apple seemingly continues to operate under tighter security.

At least in this case, it looks like Pixel can’t compete with the Cupertino giant.

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