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I Want A Jet Engine Ceiling Fan Hanging In My Bedroom


Global warming promises to make the summers more and more unbearable. Instead of precariously balancing an air conditioner in your window, imagine how cool you’d be standing underneath a jet engine ceiling fan.

Photo by Phighter Images


Styled after the turbine fans used to suck massive amounts of air into jet engines made by companies like Pratt & Whitney, these ceiling fans don’t spin as fast or move as much air as the real things do. That’s a good thing: Your bedroom probably already looks like the aftermath of a natural disaster without the help of a tornado-generating machine.

With a price tag of around $US3000 ($4026), these custom creations from Phighter Imagesare certainly more expensive than the ceiling fans at your local IKEA. But aviation enthusiasts will probably be happy to shell out that kind of money to have one of these hanging over their heads.

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