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Twitter debuts a Lite version for emerging markets

Twitter launched Thursday a “Lite” version of its service that runs from the browser on a smartphone, in a bid to attract customers in emerging markets who have flaky Internet connections or are wary of spending too much on data. ...

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FCC ends price caps on many business data lines

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has voted to deregulate the providers of the business data lines connecting broadband service to many small businesses, schools, hospitals and ATM machines. The deregulation of business data services, or BDS, could mean broadband price ...

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What life after the smartphone will look like

News about the iPhone 8 featuring a wider bezel and OLED technology landed with a thud recently. More tweaks to the existing design, baby steps forward in the overall design. We’ve been living with smartphones for about ten years now ...

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Use LinkedIn a lot? Read its new privacy policy — carefully.

He who pays plays. That seems to be the underlying thought behind LinkedIn’s new privacy policy and user agreement, both of which were updated Friday (April 21). And it’s an important thought to remember before you use your employer-paid-for LinkedIn account to investigate and/or apply ...

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Why 3D Printing Hasn’t Taken Off (Yet)

  The 3D printing bubble has burst, according to Autodesk CTO Jeff Kowalski, who says that slow consumer take-up had forced a change in the company’s strategy. At the turn of the decade, companies such as Makerbot started to produce ...

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Apple Q4 2016 financial results

Apple financial report Q4 2016: Summary For Q4 2016, Apple reports: Quarterly revenue of $46.9 billion and quarterly net income of $9 billion, or $1.67 per diluted share, down 9 percent on revenue of $51.5 billion and down 19 percent on ...

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