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I Want A Jet Engine Ceiling Fan Hanging In My Bedroom

Global warming promises to make the summers more and more unbearable. Instead of precariously balancing an air conditioner in your window, imagine how cool you’d be standing underneath a jet engine ceiling fan. Photo by Phighter Images Styled after the ...

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Fighting ISIS, One YouTube Ad at a Time

Those pesky ads—they get in the way of your marathon YouTube sessions, not to mention they’re a drain on your computer’s resources. But thanks to Google, they may also be stopping ISIS. A scrappy Google subsidiary called Jigsaw—more think tank ...

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Hocus Focus hides inactive apps automatically

There are two kinds of people in the world: people who like a nice, clean virtual workspace, and John Siracusa. If you’re closer to the former than the latter, check out Hocus Focus – a Mac menu bar app which ...

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