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Nintendo Power Relaunches as Official Podcast

The Nintendo Power magazine is fondly remembered by hundreds of thousands of gamers who subscribed for years and are now adults continuing to game on the Switch$299.99 at Amazon and 3DS. But in 2012 the magazine ended its run after 21 years and ...

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Review: GoPro Fusion 360 camera

Spherical cameras seem to be one of the more undesired tech trends to be pushed on people in the past couple of years. Consumer tech companies have opted to develop these expensive products as a segue into capturing the user-generated ...

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Oculus Rift, Touch Bundle Now $379 Through Dec. 20

Still planning to buy an Oculus Rift for a lucky gamer in your life this holiday season? We have some good news: it won’t be as expensive as expected. Facebook-owned Oculus VR just announced a limited-time promotion knocking $20 off the price ...

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Nginx has introduced an application server for microservices environments. The open source Nginx Unit is designed for environments where developers use multiple languages in their deployments. It’s typical in microservices to use multiple languages and thus have multiple software stacks to manage ...

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