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Lose fewer balls with Golf Ball Finder

Under the rules of golf, a lost ball means you take a one shot penalty and go back to the spot you hit the shot from and play a second ball. All that takes time and frustrates your playing partners. ...

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Splash Brush Colorbook app beats the mess of a real one

Splash Brush Colorbook is an educational coloring book app for pre-schoolers and Kindergarten kids that incorporates letters and numbers into the coloring. Each letter and number is linked with a visual representation, like A for ant, and it’s up to the ...

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August Smart Lock Gets Key Exposure in Apple Stores

The August Smart Lock will become available for purchase at Apple retail stores in the United States starting this week, the company announced on Tuesday. Priced at US$249.99, the smart device uses Bluetooth and a mobile app to create a ...

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Top Rated Apps for Windows 8 App Store

Rated Apps Top Rated Apps for Windows 8 App Store Here’s a sample of current top rated apps on the Windows 8 Apps Store. Rated Apps Video Rating: 3 / 5 Unable to do reviews or rate apps on iTunes? ...

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