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Apple Highlights Creative Tasks on iPad Pro with New Video Series

Apple Ipad Pro Hand Writing With Apple Pencil1 Credit: Apple

Each video is only a little over a minute long, providing a visual presentation of specific iPad Pro features, sans narration. The objective of the videos appears to be to highlight the capabilities of the iPad Pro for inspiring creativity, rather than a tutorial. For example, the video on creating presentations naturally highlights Apple’s Keynote app, and very quickly demonstrates dragging-and-dropping in a video clip, using the Apple Pencil to enter text, changing and animating backgrounds, presenting via AirPlay, and using the Apple Pencil to take notes on the fly.

The other four videos use the same approach, although several third-party apps are featured. For instance, the video on taking notes highlights the Notability app rather than Apple’s own Notes app, and although A new way to design your space begins with the iOS 12 Measure app, it continues from there into sketching with Morpholio Trace, laying out furniture with Houzz, and then purchasing an item with Face ID.

Ipad Pro Morpholio Trace Apple Pencil

A new way to go paperless takes a slightly more generic approach, demonstrating how to scan documents in general, without highlighting a specific app, although Paper by FiftyThree and Microsoft Word are shown as examples of sketching and marking up documents with the Apple Pencil, along with an unspecified app for scanning and managing paper receipts. A new way to host your own podcast specifically recommends the Anchor app, along with Apple’s own GarageBand for iOS, as well as showing off the new USB-C capabilities of the current iPad Pro models for connecting a microphone or other external audio device.

Interestingly, the videos themselves also serve as demonstrations of what can be done on an iPad Pro, with each video closing with a note that it was filmed, edited, designed, and made on iPad Pro.

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