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Save Money and Get the Wedding Dress Code Right with This Tip

A sign at a wedding points to ceremony location, cocktail hour, and photo zone.

Wedding season is here, and you’ve probably got at least a few to attend between now and early fall. From buying gifts to traveling, the cost of wedding attendance can add up. But if you’re worried about the wedding dress code and how your wardrobe fits into it, don’t be. There’s a clever and budget-friendly work-around for your next wedding guest dress.

Instead of buying a host of new dresses to comply with each wedding’s dress code, rent your wedding guest dress instead. Rental service Rent the Runway gives you access to size-inclusive dresses for a monthly fee.

Rent the Runway Subscription | Starting at $79 | Rent the Runway

Let’s be honest, here. Wedding attendance is not only expensive but can be confusing when it comes to what you wear to the wedding. There are black-tie, cocktail, casual, and even more dress etiquette rules to abide by, and each event probably has a different one. That’s a lot of outfits to buy. Enter: Rent the Runway.

The subscription service allows you to rent clothing items each month and return them when you’re done. You can get five, 10, or 15 pieces per month depending on which tier you choose. Items are size inclusive and easy to sort through, and it’s budget-friendly. Prices begin at just $79 per month, and given that a single dress for a single wedding can be above that, it’s a steal.

But it’s not just that you can rent up to 15 pieces for a flat fee (which is honestly reason enough), it’s also that the service has a specifically curated section just for weddings. Filter your search by size, availability, and even dress code to find the perfect piece. Then, once you attend the wedding, send it right back. When the next round of nuptials comes around, choose a totally different piece.

If you’ve got a plethora of wedding invitations stuck to your fridge and no idea what to wear to them (or how to afford outfits for each), Rent the Runway is the wedding season hack you need.

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