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The Pixel Fold Just Officially Arrived Out of Nowhere

The first official Pixel Fold image.

In a surprise turn of events and ahead of its annual I/O event next week, Google just officially unveiled the all-new Pixel Fold, huge bezels and all. While we’ve seen countless leaks over the last few weeks, we’ll finally learn more on May 10th.

As rumors suggested, Google is finally making a folding phone. It’ll take on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, albeit in a shorter and wider form factor, complete with Google’s impressive cameras and more.

Unfortunately, all we received from Google today is a teaser GIF and a sign-up page saying “the Pixel is open” to learn more once the time comes. We get a good glance at the design, hinge, speaker grills, and the rumored 7.6-inch screen on the inside. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice it has rather large bezels, especially compared to the competition.

Previous reports suggest that Google’s new Pixel Fold will pack a high-end 5.8-inch screen on the outside that’s fully functional. Then, it’ll fold open to a stunning 7.6-inch Quad-HD display that’s more of a tablet factor than the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

We’re hearing the Pixel Fold will run on Google’s latest Tensor G2 processor, pack tons of RAM and storage, and reportedly “have the most durable hinge on a foldable.” I’m hopeful the software experience can keep up with the hardware.

As for pricing, we’ve consistently heard that it’ll arrive later this year with a price tag that exceeds $1,700, which is in line with the $1,799 starting price for Samsung’s best foldable. In closing, while Google confirmed we’d all be learning more on May 10th, we’re not sure if it’ll be released alongside the new Pixel 7a or later this year with Android 14.

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