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Are You Looking – How To Optimize Website For Voice Search?

Google search engine is one of the top search engines in the world and the search terms technology has changing rapidly.  Voice search is the future of Google search technology. If you are promoting your business online and you want on the top position with your industry search terms, it is the right time to promote your business as per ...

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The U.S. Marines Want the Ability to Sink Ships

Yes, the U.S. Marines are well known for invading islands and wresting them away from others during a conflict. They also have a lesser-known responsibility to defend them, and the Corps may be getting new ship-killing missiles to aid them in that task. U.S. Marines occupied Iceland during World War II to prevent Germany from snatching it up. Days after ...

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Should the U.S. Navy Turn Merchant Ships into Floating Missile Magazines?

The U.S. Navy could buy older civilian merchant ships on the cheap and convert them into floating arsenals. The concept, outlined in the U.S. Naval Institute, envisions adding dozens—if not hundreds—of multiuse missile silos to the ships to provide additional firepower to the Navy while it struggles to reach its 355-ship goal. The idea is an attractive one but has ...

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Hacker Performs Awesome Tesla Model 3 Ubuntu Linux Infotainment System Mod

There’s a lot to like about Tesla’s Model 3, but as with most things with prepackaged entertainment (or infotainment) systems, even this beautiful electric car leave people yearning for a bit more. In the case of one reddit user, Tesla’s infotainment system didn’t satiate his/her entertainment hunger, so they decided to do what’s perhaps one of the most interesting dual-OS installs ever, installing Ubuntu alongside ...

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Android security audit: An easy-to-follow annual checklist

Android security is always a hot topic on these here Nets of Inter — and almost always for the wrong reason. As we’ve discussed ad nauseam over the years, most of the missives you read about this-or-that super-scary malware/virus/brain-eating-boogie-monster are overly sensationalized accounts tied to theoretical threats with practically zero chance of actually affecting you in the real world. If you look closely, in ...

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