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Are There 7,513 Unread Emails Cluttering Your Inbox? Expert Explains Why That’s Unwise

How do you manage your emails? Are you an “inbox zero” kind of person, or do you just leave thousands of them unread? Our new study, published in the journal Information Research, suggests that leaving all your emails in the inbox is likely to leave you dissatisfied with your personal records management. In an exploratory survey, we asked participants how ...

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Ghostbots: AI Versions Of Deceased Loved Ones Pose Dire Threat To Mental Health

Article written by Nigel Mulligan, Assistant Professor in Psychotherapy, School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health, Dublin City University We all experience loss and grief. Imagine, though, that you don’t need to say goodbye to your loved ones. That you can recreate them virtually so you can have conversations and find out how they’re feeling. For Kim Kardashian’s fortieth birthday, ...

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