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Samsung Galaxy S24 tops Apple iPhone in customer satisfaction for first time

NEW YORK — Move over iPhone, there’s a new No. 1 in town. For the first time ever, the Apple iPhone didn’t take the top spot in customer satisfaction, bowing to Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24. This analysis from PerfectRec, focusing on the base model Galaxy S24 and the S24 Ultra, shows a remarkable trend that could signal a significant shift in the smartphone market.

With 91 percent of Galaxy S24 users and 88 percent of S24 Ultra users awarding five stars, these satisfaction rates not only eclipse those of any previous Samsung Galaxy S series but also outshine the latest generation of iPhone. This development is particularly notable as it marks the first occasion where Samsung has led in customer satisfaction across all models when compared to their Apple counterparts.

A Statistical Leap Forward

The PerfectRec data analysis reveals a “statistically significant” leap in customer satisfaction from the Galaxy S23 to the S24 series, indicating a genuine improvement in consumer reception rather than a statistical anomaly. This leap is underscored by a proportions test with a p-value of less than 0.05, confirming the reliability of these findings.

This surge in Galaxy S satisfaction emerges amidst a period of relatively poor reception for the premium models of the iPhone 15 generation, as tracked by PerfectRec’s iPhone Satisfaction Tracker. Unlike the isolated case of dissatisfaction with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the entire S24 lineup, including the base model and the Ultra, has outperformed the iPhone 15 series in terms of customer satisfaction.

An interesting pattern has emerged from the analysis: early reviews for iPhones tend to skew more negative, possibly due to enthusiasts’ high expectations and familiarity with previous models. This contrast in early adopter sentiment between Apple and Samsung products suggests differing consumer behavior and expectations.

Percent of user reviews that are five stars


Galaxy S 

Galaxy S Ultra
















Implications for the Smartphone Industry

This shift in customer satisfaction dynamics could have wide-reaching implications for the competitive landscape of the smartphone industry. Samsung’s ability to not only improve upon its previous models but also to surpass the traditionally dominant iPhone in consumer satisfaction highlights the importance of continuous innovation and responsive design in winning customer approval.

Consumers and industry watchers alike will be keen to see how this competition evolves. Will Samsung maintain its newfound lead in customer satisfaction, or will Apple respond with innovations of its own? Only time will tell, but for now, the Galaxy S24 series enjoys the spotlight as a new benchmark for smartphone excellence.

iPhone and Galaxy S satisfaction by model



iPhone 15 / Galaxy S24



15 Plus / S24 Plus



15 Pro Max / S24 Ultra




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