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5 Alternatives To Birthday Cake

If you’re tied of traditional birthday cake, try one of these alternatives:

Cinnamon Roll “Cake”


My first alternative to birthday cake is is a “Cinnamon Roll Cake,” which is easily made with 2 tubes of regular cinnamon rolls (not the large Pillsbury Grands kind). Place one cinnamon roll in the center. Then unroll the next one and start to wind it around the first. Continuing doing this until you have used up all the dough. Bake as directed, but you may need to add 2-5 minutes more of baking time. Drizzle with the icing included and add sprinkles if desired.  Add a birthday candle or two and you’re done!

Brownies with sprinkles


Is it obvious I have a 10-year-old girl? This is why you will see sprinkles on everything. This might look like a cake, but it is brownies. I think people forget about brownies as an option. You could also make a pan of Rice Krispie Treats and frost that. To get the perfect “10” in the frosting, I cut out a 1 and a 0 out of wax paper and put it on top of the frosting before covering the rest with sprinkles. Then I just peeled away the wax paper.

Birthday Cake Protein Shake


Consider making a birthday cake shake! You could use milk and ice cream and make a shake in a blender, but if you are looking for more protein, try out my Birthday Cake Protein Shake Recipe. Regardless of what kind of shake you make, you need a blender. I like using an immersion blender because I make my shakes right in the cup that I will use to drink it out of.  I bought mine from Aldi’s when they had it as a special purchase and it came with 2 cups, which is awesome to have. This Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender has 2 and seems to be a pretty decent price. Or, consider this Magic Bullet Blender, which comes with 3 cups and I have heard really good review about.

Celebrate with a Sundae Bar


Another option to consider would be a sundae bar. You could take it a step further like I did and splurge on a waffle bowl maker. Everyone really enjoyed the waffle bowls. I did learn from this experience that I should make them a little further in advance because I stood in the kitchen making tasty waffle bowls while my daughter delivered two of them every 2 minutes.

Birthday pancakes


Birthday pancakes are a classic favorite in our house. There is very little that needs to be planned in advance, as we usually always have the ingredients to make pancakes, and syrup and an abundance of sprinkle choices. The only wild card is if we ran out of whip cream or not. If you want to take your birthday pancakes s step further, check out theseRainbow Pancakes I made for the kids.

Sometimes you can have the most fun on a birthday by simply trying things that fall outside of the usual birthday celebrations.  These alternatives to birthday cake are simple, relatively inexpensive and can make someone’s birthday just a bit more memorable.

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