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Even More Instagrammers Who Took Their Photo Edits to the Very Extreme

One thing we really hope you have all learned by now is that most of what you see on social media is fake. While it is natural to want to look our best when we present ourselves to the online world, it is important to remember to use filters and Photoshop in moderation.

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If you thought the first part was addictive, wait till get your eyes around this one. We thought we had them all, but discovered some more bizarre online appearances.  Get ready to discover this second part of Instagrammers who manipulated their images so much that it became both funny and unsettling.

This Is Impossible

We used to think the point of editing photos and using filters was to fool people that you look a certain way. But, this girl is not fooling anyone but herself. No matter how good you are with selfies, posting photos that have been edited to this extreme will never be cool.


Either she had some serious work done, or she’s wearing some padding in her pants because her curves don’t seem real and this photo almost looks like an optical illusion. We really hope one of her friends or relatives did her a favor and told her this picture should be taken down.

Real Walls Have Curves

This is just a good old bathroom selfie. You know them, we are 100% sure you’ve taken one too. Don’t even try to deny it. These types of selfies were originally something people only did in order to check what they look like, but soon enough, they also started posting them online and editing them.


While this photo looks innocent enough, we can’t help but wonder what happened to the wall on the left. It slightly curves around her waistline. Could it be that someone built this wall a little skew, or is this the result of some photo manipulation? We’ll let you decide.

When Things Get Out of Hand

When it comes to nightlife, you probably want something a little more obvious—the let-your-hair-down, sparkly dress, perfect make-up, best of the very best. And along with that, you want the most perfect photo so you can post it on your Instagram feed and show everyone you had an amazing night.


The only problem is, some people take it a little too far and get too excited when they edit their photos. With a few taps and swipes, skin blemishes, textures, and contours blur into oblivion and you’re left with a face that’s so perfect it looks like a doll’s face.

Jet Setting

This dude is just about to fly to his dream vacation destination, but before he does, he has to upload a pic to the Gram. While doing so, he decided to make some changes to his legs and arms. He somehow made his thighs so big that there’s no way his legs can even function.


Not to mention how he forgot about his own head and left it unedited, making it look too small. It’s just the audacity for us that makes this just so astounding. Does he really think nobody will notice his legs and arms have grown by a couple of inches overnight, not even his family and friends?

All The Same

Why is it that all of the faces on Instagram look the same? Surely you must have noticed it, right? Everyone has the same set of voluptuous lips, the same perfectly arched brows, and the same bright eyes. This must be due to the fact that they all use the same app to change their faces.


Honestly, at this point, we can’t even be sure that the background around her is real. Those sunglasses look a little big when you compare them to the bag. And what’s going on with the view behind her? Is it just me or do the colors look a little dull when you compare them to her?

This Is Awkward

When you send out slides for a presentation and add a photo, why not alter it a little bit? It’s your only chance to leave a great first impression! The girl in the picture did just that, but she was in for a surprise, apparently, she didn’t realize she would have to introduce herself right alongside her presentation.


She probably should have known better but as the saying goes “old habits die hard!” While it certainly must have been awkward for her at the time, it’s quite evident that she has excellent photoshopping skills and that could definitely come in handy for her next presentation. Fingers crossed!

New Face, Who Dis?

Two pictures of the same guy, they might even have even been taken on the same day, but he looks so different in the photoshopped version. As the case is with many of these altered images, we truly think this lad looked perfectly fine before! He’s smiling and looks happy.


But alas, authenticity is so often misunderstood, and it seems that there are those who believe that being genuine when you posing does not improve literally every photo imaginable. So instead, he went for a “Blue Steel” pose which makes him look super serious, as if like he’s about to include you in his next business deal.

The Human Chandelier

Everybody wants to be the light of the party, but not everyone can handle looking like a human chandelier. Many drag queens use padding to create the illusion of an impossible body, and this diva wanted to show off a cinched waist. But, when the waist can no longer be cinched — photoshop comes in.


As onlookers, it’s important to approach these curated photos with a critical eye. We only see is only a glimpse of this crafted photo that fits within the confines of a perfectly composed square. And we can clearly tell it’s been curated because the distorted sofa in the background gives this princess away.

In Vain

Look at this guy, like really, look at him. While there’s no doubt about big muscles being in. There certainly is a line between being big and buff and just overdoing it. It seems that at this point, just carrying his own two extremely muscly hands is enough of a workout.


If these arms were real, how much do you think they would weigh?  All of these veins that he added on using Photoshop make him look more like the Hulk and less like a hunky desirable man. Alas, all of his work was in vain, maybe next time he should spend his time at the gym instead of on the computer.

Big Eyes

The story behind this picture is not what you’d expect. The larger-than-life creepy eyes were added not by the person in the picture, but by the stylists who did her hair. Apparently, in order to try and get noticed on Instagram, this hairdresser wanted to emphasize how their customer’s unique look.


Sure, it makes his picture stand out, but not for the haircut… While we love a pair of googly eyes, it really shouldn’t be added if it’s not for laughs or to make an ironic piece of art. Editing her eyes like this is actually a pity cause it definitely distracts from her lovely curls.


This pic was posted by a Reddit user, who saw it on a dating app. Yes, a dating app. These apps don’t tend to bring out the best in people. From pictures we never wanted to see, to rude messages and ghosting, swipers seem to try and do anything that could get them noticed.


Sure he got noticed, but for all the wrong reasons. In this photo that’s obviously been badly edited, we can clearly see he pasted a photo from someone else’s chiseled torso onto his own. We get it, the dating scene can be tough but we’re pretty sure this isn’t doing him any favors.

The Sims Are Back?

If we had to guess, we would say this is a CGI character, maybe one that will soon start in the next big action movie. Or, maybe she’s a sim someone created while trying to build an ideal sim for their virtual life in the popular online game called “The Sims”?


No, scratch that, what if she’s a real-life Stepford wife? The miserable truth is that this picture is from a real (?) girl’s Instagram grid. With each post, she can transport her followers into a curated wonderland, where flaws are airbrushed into oblivion and every day is a glamorous photoshoot.

Who Needs Organs Anyway?

Modern medicine believes that organs are a crucial part of human existence. Influencers, on the other hand, seem to feel like organs are just getting in the way. Otherwise, how could you explain this picture? A waist so small would leave no room for anything else!


In her quest for a waist so slim she could almost slip through the eye of a needle. Forget about belts; she could tie herself in a knot without breaking a sweat. Next time you see an online picture of an itty bitty waist, just remember that it’s 100% fake.

Have You Seen My Nose?

We know that both small perky noses and big, bushy brows are in, but even a current trend can be taken too far. This lady seems to have lost her nose completely while gaining a set of eyebrows that will never go unnoticed. We are not sure this is what she going for.


But you know what, noses are overrated and have been ever since Voldemort graced our screens. Who needs breathing when your face can look this smooth and free of contours? Apparently, there’s nothing quite like the joy of posting excessively edited photos that look amusingly odd at the expense of actually looking like yourself.

Forever Tiny

A dating app photoshop fail, how exciting! You don’t need a weight room full of fancy machines to enjoy a six-pack of abs. You can just do a little photoshopping and voila! But somehow, you would think that by editing your own photos you’d learn what looks realistic and what doesn’t.


There is one simple thing you must keep in mind in order to photoshop your pictures successfully: proportion. And yet, it seems that just like many others before him, this guy forgot about it. Maybe next time he could spend more time on learning proper body proportions, Till then, his head will forever remain tiny.

Failed Her Photoshop Class

While we are very happy to see this girl graduating, we are shocked to see that she has failed to conquer one of life’s most basic skills – good photoshopping! What do they teach college kids these days? What was meant to be a subtle tweak on her facial features turned this woman into someone unrecognizable.


Perhaps she finished a degree where the laws of physics take a much-needed vacation. If university taught us anything, it’s not to take yourself too seriously. At least, when looking back at this time of her life, she will always be able to say that college was a blur, and truly mean it.

Instagram: Feed vs Story

These two photos were actually posted on the same day. One was posted to the girl’s feed, while the other was to her Instagram story. As you can see, she doesn’t even look like the same girl. Her eye shape is completely different, not to mention the lighter eye color.


From the color of the skin to her lips and her nose, everything is different. We really wish people will learn to embrace the unique qualities that make you who you are. If only she could celebrate her authentic beauty and not add to the torrent of unrealistic beauty standards.

Half Popeye

One funny aspect of social media posts is how casual some people always try to seem. Like in the image below, what was this guy thinking? Are we supposed to believe that he just casually drinks his morning coffee while looking out the window wearing only a hat and a pair of jeans?


But frankly, that’s the least of his problems. Is it just me or does it seem like there’s a huge discrepancy between his right and left arms? We’ve been introduced to so many Photoshop fails that we’re not sure if this is just bad positioning or a photo that’s been badly edited.

Skipped Leg-Day

Doing the same ol’ routine every time you hit the gym is like eating the same ol’ breakfast every morning for a year. Is it practical? Sure. Will you end up looking a little strange? Yes! If you know of body-building jokes, you’ve probably heard the old one about how sometimes guys skip “leg day”.


Soon enough they end up securing big and buff arms while still sporting scrawny legs. Is it possible that the man in the picture has simply missed leg day? Sure, that’s one option. Another option is while digitally increasing his biceps and chest muscles, he completely forgot about his legs.

Pore-less Skin

As a woman bearing witness to today’s trends, we can’t help but feel sad about this lady is heading. Whether she’s committed to uploading a hair tutorial on Youtube or she considers herself someone who exists outside the bounds of reality, this girl somehow combined different kinds of trickery to accomplish both.


Firstly, it looks like she clipped some curly hair extensions on because there was no way she would let her hair suffer heat damage. As if the fake hair wasn’t enough, she completed the look with big fake eyes and pore-less porcelain skin. Which one is more troubling? We’ll leave it to you to decide.


If you showed this girl the two pics side by side, we are sure she would rather keep her lips sealed when asked about her lip situation. One question that comes to our mind is, how do her friends, who know what looks like in real life, react when they see her online pics?


In this digital realm, flawless becomes the norm, and reality takes a backseat to the allure of a highly filtered existence. And the pressure to conform to these heightened standards can be suffocating. We really don’t think the editing was necessary here. All she could have done was just worn darker lipstick and had her eyebrows done.

Facetuned to Death

Get ready to witness the spectacular world of Photoshop, where digital wizardry can transform mere mortals into fantastical cartoon characters—or, well, not exactly. While both these photos seem incredibly fake, we have to admit that the image on the left has been taken one step too far and almost looks like a digital drawing.


The picture on the right still promotes some very unrealistic dimensions and proportions, which we guess was all accomplished with makeup, mood lighting, and some minor photo editing. The pic on the left, on the other hand, has been so overdone that all the proportions seem a little warped and almost cartoonified.

Mind the Gap

While we miss the 90s, we certainly don’t miss the toxic body standards that came along with it. Now we’ve had enough of them, but it seems like the internet hasn’t. Back in the day, it was somehow established that everyone should be super skinny and have a thigh gap.


While some people do have one naturally and that’s totally ok, it’s just not something all of us can achieve, and why should we, really? This thigh gap looks way too wide and could it be yet another Photoshop fail? Photo editing should be left to the professionals, or not be done at all.

All Legs

We have heard that this Instagram Photoshop fail was taken out of an actual ad! When it comes to professional photoshoots for well-known brands, we expect to see superior photoshopping skills. This popular clothing brand probably missed the memo. Seriously, what is up with the jeans that make her legs look a little unrealistic?


Someone should have been fired over this, as this is a mistake that’s hard to miss! With some strategic outfitting and some serious photo manipulation, they’ve transformed this woman from a regular person to a terrifyingly stiff mannequin with no curves or contours, even when sitting down.


In many popular depictions of witches, they have long, scary hands accompanied by lengthy nails. It turns out, that’s not a totally unreasonable ambition either, but what was meant to be a subtle tweak somehow turned this woman into a magical creature with fingers so long they look almost like talons.


We are not sure if this is the look the woman in this image was going for, but it’s definitely the look that she got. When we think of our own insecurities, our hands don’t make the top of the list.  But hey, if it exists, humans will find a way to feel insecure about it!

Bulking Fail

When people bulk up, they tend to appear as if they have a smaller head. It makes sense, one part of you gets bigger, so the others look small in comparison. But still, there are certain human proportions that no one can deny. While it feels redundant and obvious to say this but his head doesn’t fit his body at all!


His tiny head is a telltale sign that this editing adventure has gone delightfully awry. But let’s put that aside for a moment and concentrate on the fact that he’s supposed to be in a pool. It looks like his torse might be underwater but there’s something about this image that looks a little suspicious.

Feeling Fucsia

We get it, we have all been there. You have just traveled to Spain and got a gorgeous fuchsia pullover that you want to show off. But it just isn’t your best face day, so you try and add some filters and make some tiny tweaks to your face so it looks camera ready.


Two minutes later, you end up looking like this: There’s so much wrong with this picture! It’s as if he stumbled upon a magical portal that leads to a realm where everyone looks like an Anime character. His eyes, the shape of his jaw, it all takes away focus from the beautiful fuchsia pullover.

Alien Invasion

We are not even sure where to start with this one. Nothing about this guy looks human to us. The doll-like creepy eyes, the exaggerated and excessive jawline, and the skin that is so smoothed out that it looks like nothing but skin. Even his neck looks a little strange.


In this digital operating theater, this guy has tried to work his magic, but his skills are quite up to scratch. He may have gone too far in his attempt to refine his features and instead of looking like a Greek god, he looks more like an imitation action figure.

More Honesty Online Please!

Pictured below is the famous YouTube personality, James Charles. These two pics demonstrate one big problem with beauty influencers – they try and sell us something they can’t even achieve themselves. When you take away filters and flattering lighting, we can all clearly see that James’ skin looks just like ours!


In a world bombarded by impossible standards of beauty, influencers like James Charles have become both victims and architects of their own illusions. They navigate a treacherous landscape where likes and followers reign supreme and in their quest for validation, they find themselves entangled in a web of unattainable perfection.

Added Abs

Photoshopping a nice set of abs on your not-so-summer-ready body is a classic. But, even the simplest things require a certain amount of skill. This digital sculptor did a great job and managed to sculpt pecs that rival Mount Everest and chisel abs with the precision of Michelangelo himself.


Yet, amidst the allure of this digital metamorphosis, it seems some pixels were harmed during the creation of this photo. The amateur photoshopper didn’t notice his new set of abs was put on top of his chain necklace. We’re sure he would still look great even without the added abs!

A Little Trim

Welcome to this strange world where pixels hold the power to reshape reality and create an alternate universe of flawless jawlines and slim faces. Forget diets and exercise; these masters of manipulation have discovered the secret to shedding pounds in the blink of an eye—literally! This world is called Photoshop and you’d be surprised what you can do.


This woman gave herself some sweet chin definition in her latest selfie. But let’s not be too hasty in casting judgment. She’s certainly not the only person on the planet who did that. Someone felt the need to catch her out. Poor woman just trying to live her life and look pretty.

Spot the Difference

It’s about time that we accept that very few people on this planet have good skin. And if they do, it’s simply genetics or a very dedicated skin routine that takes time, effort, and money. Of course, when you don’t have any of those resources, just go to town on the Gram!


Step aside, Mona Lisa! With a dedicated makeup artist and some filters that have been generously provided by Instagram, you’ll look like a Hollywood celeb in a few short clicks and brushstrokes. This goes beyond getting that perfect glow and smooth skin, just look at those eye-popping lashes that defy gravity.

Blow-Up Doll

Move over, airbrushed ads that perpetuate narrow beauty standards, we now have everyday people posting photoshopping images of themselves all over social media. It would seem this guy did so much to his poor face that he’s starting to resemble a plastic blow-up doll! And not in a good way.


Those creepy eyes, too bright we can’t even see his pupils. His humongous lips look literally inflated and his skin looks so smooth and perfect, it doesn’t even look real. There’s also the very obviously retouched beard that we have going on there. We’re not sure why this person thought that this looked good.

Simply a Vision

Nice try, Kathy Griffin. In an attempt to make yourself younger, you pretty much just blurred out your entire face and we can barely tell where her nose is. Is this a joke, or is that an actual glowing light coming from her face? Looking at this only makes us feel like there’s something wrong with our vision!


As one of the funniest women in Hollywood, Kathy has climbed her way to the top by using her sharp-tongued humor and catty critique of celebrities, so we sure hope she sees some humor in this. Also, we appreciate that she didn’t mess with that yummy-looking platter that’s covered with pesto dressing.

TV vs. IRL

When you find yourself in the public eye, you have a certain image to maintain. Of course, this woman, unfortunately, forgot about this fact and posted a super-face-tuned selfie. There’s not a single pore or line on her skin. With a softened lens and perfectly blurred skin, she looks a little too fake.


Someone caught her in real life and posted a not-so-nice photo of her on social media. Mean, yes. But we say who cares. No one looks perfect all the time anyways and we shouldn’t have to strive for an unattainable version of ourselves that doesn’t exist. Just be yourself and you won’t get caught out.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall…

It’s only natural to run away from father time. When he comes at you, there is simply no escape. But this woman thought she put up a good fight with a reasonably natural-looking filter to kill those wrinkles. Unfortunately, she took this selfie in front of the mirror and forgot to work on her reflection.


Damn, thanks to her reflection we now see your true self. But don’t fret! There’s nothing wrong with having a wrinkle here and a shiny forehead. When we’re bombarded with airbrushed ads on a daily basis, it’s easy to fall into the comparison trap and want to airbrush our selfies.

Good Genes

One of the best ways to catch out a fake photo, other than seeing the total fakeness of it all, is to compare the person to other family members. Looks like these two weren’t too fond of their own dental state. So, naturally, they thought that some good old digital teeth whitening might just do the trick.


It saves time, money, and the stress that comes with sitting back in the dentist’s chair, because who wants that? Sadly, they forgot to add a little whitening filter to their mother’s teeth. While that wasn’t very nice, they may have done her a favor, she’s the only one that looks real!

Couple Goals

Such a gorgeous couple, or at least, what a gorgeous girlfriend with crystal blue eyes and freakishly white teeth. Our guy over here looks a little like a perfectly average Joe. We wonder why? Maybe because he didn’t edit himself and apply 1000 filters to his face to make it look prettier.


His woman could have been a little generous and close the gap in his teeth. With her smoothed-out skin and her pearly whites looking so flawless, it’s just sort of unfair. The least she could have done was help her boyfriend out a little and make his teeth match hers.

Fake vs. Real

We’ve all been guilty of posting the odd thirst trap on the Gram. Sometimes that can go really well and getting all that attention can feel great. Other times, things can backfire, and your filter-free self can resurface on the interwebs alongside the filtered photo, causing quite a bit of embarrassment.


Which is exactly what happened to this woman. The fake eyeliner and false eyelashes, the red lips, perfectly smooth skin that’s without any contours, and the clearly re-touched nose that almost looks like rhinoplasty. Al of this has left her looking less like a human and more like a 2D plastic character.

Arm Candy

While we all want to look like the most beautiful and gorgeous versions of ourselves on social media, sometimes it’s enough for our beloved boo to grab all the attention. What’s a better way to feel good about yourself than to broadcast a photo where you have the most delicious arm candy wrapped around you?


This dude went so far as to blur out his own face! Or was it the woman who thought she’d blur out her boyfriend? It’s hard to tell at first glance with this crazy face-tuned photo, but it’s possible that the latter case is the real story behind this photo.

Her Good Side

We all have a good side, yes. The side of the face where you turn your head and everyone goes, “daaamn.” We’re saying damn alright. This woman figured a nice shot of her profile wasn’t good enough so she thought she’d give it a little extra tweaking. The result? Skin that looks like plastic.


In addition to the skin, there’s also the strange little bridge between her lips and her nose, which looks very obviously digitally altered. Honestly, we’ll never understand this! It’s quite clear that this woman is already beautiful, why did she have to take it to the extreme and do this?

Bug-Eyed Girl

While Snapchat has all sorts of fascinating little functions, they are most well known for its funny face filters that are used when taking selfies. From puppy dog ears to cartoon-style characters. It literally has a myriad of adorable filters, almost like this one, which appears to give users big bug eyes.


For a mature woman, it would appear that she confused one of the funny filters for the real face-tune app. They say that eyes are the window to the soul. But we’re not quite sure where these woman’s eyes are leading us exactly, and wherever it is, we do not want to go there.

How Original

Yeah okay, just like you, the rest of the world struggles with a little bit of extra padding around the belly. It’s not easy staying in tip-top shape, but of course, we can all dream, right? Like millions of others, this woman put her computer savvy to use and made herself thinner.


The face really gives it away, as it looks like it’s either the victim of a botched facelift or unfortunate photoshopping skills. But we also have the unedited photo right alongside the airbrushed version. It’s a real pity she can’t just embrace her own unique beauty and reject the pressure to conform to an unattainable standard.

Mr. Cool

The guy on the right actually looks like a pretty cool and down-to-earth guy. The guy on the left? His flashier twin brother? Nope, that’s just the same guy after a tacky Photoshop job. That hair sheen is definitely fake, with perfectly drawn streaks, and the beard makes us beg the question…why?


His face doesn’t match his body! It’s one thing to airbrush your photos to make yourself look like a model but it’s a totally different story when you forget to match the rest of your body to your face. This just looks like he pasted a cut-out picture of someone else’s face onto his own body.

Image Distorted

The unfortunate thing about editing photos, especially on your phone, is the lack of specificity. Sometimes when you tweak an image, the rest of the photo becomes distorted. In this case, this young lady tried to slim down her face but forgot one very obvious and important detail in the photo.


Her phone! She did a great job around her face, we can barely see any alterations when it comes to her jawline, but her phone looks warped where it should be straight. It’s so conspicuous we don’t know how she missed it. Was she in a rush to post this?

Purple Perfection

Applying makeup is tricky and takes attention to detail. Also, it takes a lot of work to avoid smudges. But when you have a phone or a computer, or any digital device, you could just simply draw it on after. This, however, should not be an example, as the eye lacks all texture.


It looks like a perfect picture but the “artist” has made no attempt to make it look like actual makeup. There’s no crease in the corner of the eye and it looks like a sticky piece of purple tape that’s been glued on. It almost looks like one of those airbrushed adverts, which we’re all too familiar with.

What a Great Diet

This Swedish TV star tried the hot new diet fad known as “the Photoshop diet.” It doesn’t require hours at the gym or a strict diet, all you do is simply continue as normal and use some of the program’s great tools to simply shrink and slim down your body. The results are instantaneous!


Sure, these promises seem a little far-fetched and almost too good to be true, but it does come with a catch. You’ll only look like this in photos but in real life, you will still look exactly as you did before. So basically, it’s just an illusion. And for many, that illusion is self-destructive.

Eye See You

These two girls picked the bug-eye feature to grab some attention. How they thought it looked good, we’ll never know. To be honest, we sort of want to focus more on the gorgeous natural scenery they’re standing in. They decided to take a different direction and went for artificial and other-worldly.


Sadly, it’s clear that they’ve fallen victim to the pressures of today’s beauty standards and took it a little too far. Judging by this photo, it seems like we’re expected to have skin as smooth as a newborn dolphin, with zero blemishes or natural contours on our faces. Who needs laugh lines, right?

Rocker Chic

Amp up the emo vibes by turning up the contrast. She clearly wants us to know that we’re in some kind of metal music video. And don’t get us started on those eyes. If you look closely enough, you might even be able to see how white those eyes are, usually, there’s a little more color to them and they’re not completely snowy white.


In a world where a single pimple or a few extra pounds are deemed imperfections, we’ve become obsessed with achieving an impossible level of lawlessness. But slapping on a heavy-handed filter on your photo is rarely the right thing to do, as is changing your features to such extreme proportions that they no longer look real.

The Hourglass

In a world where beauty standards have often favored one particular body type, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé emerged as iconic figures who celebrated their curves and brought about a much-needed shift in perspective. There’s no doubt that this curvaceous look is beautiful, which is why so many women take to photo editing apps to try and get it.


It’s also the same reason why so many women push the envelope with this one, to the point where they make their bodies look ill-equipped to contain organs. We all know the body doesn’t work like that unless maybe you’re an 18th-century woman who slept in a corset all her life.

Hey, Brow

This dude wanted to accentuate his favorite features and didn’t really matter if it was at the expense of his entire face! While Brooke Shields and Cara Delevinge have all made us appreciate a good set of brows, this guy sort of exaggerates it. Now they just overpower his face.


His eyebrows are so perfectly groomed that they seem to defy the laws of nature. It almost looks like someone just drew them on with a Sharpie. Come on, guy, you can do better than this. It’s all about the details. Let’s see gorgeous sweeping brows and not two thick lines.

Swipe Right!

Ah yes, editing photos for a dating app is a sure way to nab those matches (who cares about the second date!) It’s really all about first impressions, though this first impression is quite jarring. We’re not sure if this is his face at all. It appears as though his face has been cut and pasted onto this body.


There’s just something about the head size and those contours just make the whole thing look rather fake. Here’s the thing, guys. We don’t need to conform to these unrealistic beauty standards. You should embrace how you look, from your soft body to your slightly uneven jawline. The right woman will love you exactly as you are.

A Tough Choice

Instagram filters do generally aim to improve the original photo, but we have to say that in this case, the filter is really not doing this woman any justice. In fact, you can’t even really see the details of her face! Perhaps the sweet little sunny flair adds a nice touch.


But this gal just went a little too far. She’s already so gorgeous, she really doesn’t need to change anything. Plus, her eyes in the second photo look way too sparkly when considering the matte effect on the rest of the photo. We’re going to opt for option A, where you can actually see her face!

Eye Glitch

The thing about editing photos, even with all the apps and great editing software out there, it does still require just a smidgen of skill and most importantly, attention to detail. But that’s not something this woman thought of while retouching her face in this photo, specifically the hair surrounding her eyes.


As you can see the work she did around her bangs went a little awry and out of place. A few strands of hair appear to be floating below her eyes. That’s not generally how hair hangs across the face. But hey, if you don’t look too carefully, it looks good.

Revenge of the Frenemy

Usually, people use Photoshop to give themselves a makeover by altering their photos. This lady decided to take a different route.  So instead she made her friend gain a few pounds, particularly around the middle. While most people bicker and argue, it could be that this is how she decided to battle it out.


It’s certainly not the most mature and rational approach, it will surely get her attention and not in a good way. Just remember folks, Instagram, and photo editing can be powerful tools for self-expression and creativity, but there are also some downsides that can seriously ruin our reputations and destroy our relationships.

Freakishly Tall

It’s not a secret that society’s standard of body type for women has changed a lot over the years. From being voluptuous and curvaceous to seriously thin. Don’t even get us started on the pressure to be tall. It’s like we’re supposed to reach for the stars while standing on stilts.


Sadly, this woman’s legs weren’t perfectly content as they were so she altered them to make herself look seriously tall. She looks like she could be towering over us. To be honest, it sort of just looks like there’s another person hiding under the dress. Perhaps it’s two children trying to look like an adult?

Snow White

It’s fun to play all the wonderful features our phones have to offer, and thanks to the plethora of apps we have so many ways to tweak our features. So when the world is your oyster, it’s only natural to go wild! This woman here decided that she wasn’t too fond of the contours of her face.


So she decided to erase them all together! If only we could somehow tell her that looking like a ghost is not as flattering as she thinks. Unless this is actually a ghost with a human body, in which case this is us communicating to the great beyond to leave our social media pages alone.

The Main Course

Sitting down at what looked like a very grand restaurant, or maybe even his own home, this guy looked seriously dapper. We get it, Instagram is the best place to humble-brag. But the fancy surroundings and velvet blue tux were not enough clearly. He had to suit up his whole entire face and hair, too!


With what you ask? Photoshop, perhaps? Now he has a fresh new hairdo of sweeping blond hair that dare we say, reminds us of the early 2000s. Too bad, we think the poster’s actual face is perfectly sweet! Just don’t forget to embrace what makes you unique. Because, let’s face it, reality can be beautiful as well.

Blue-Eyed Beauty

This already seemingly beautiful boy felt the need to take it about 30 steps too far and turn himself into his own digital avatar. But first, let’s take a moment to appreciate the artistry and creativity behind this photo. We love the soft pastels but the whole look is certainly a tad more than a touch-up.


If he was attempting to pass this off as real, we have to call him out. But if he was trying to be a little “artistic” well, then, all we can say is more power to you! Just remember, life is more than just a perfectly curated Instagram feed. Embrace the chaos, and celebrate the imperfections.

Oculus Reparo

With Instagram and all the other social media innovations, we have reached a brave new digital world that our ancestors could never have imagined. And with that comes digital altering that can alter literally anything. From our wrinkles and fine lines, even to our hair, our waistlines, heck, even our eyesight.


This woman decided it wasn’t enough to simply remove her glasses for the photo. Since she was already “getting some work done” she might as well drop those pesky spectacles. She also looks 20 years younger, but at least she still looks like herself! It’s almost as if she went on an extreme makeover show and this is the result.

A Chiseled Jawline

The odd skin blemish can put a real damper on a nice photoshoot, and perhaps you just need to spruce things up a little. It’s totally reasonable. A touch-up here, smooth things a little there, and reshape your entire beard so that you look like a Lego figurine. You know, the usual.


We get it, sometimes you just want to look your best in photographs! But, this retouching job is seriously bad and the ‘artist’ managed to take a perfectly human face and turn it into an actual cartoon character. It looks like someone just drew his beard on with a Sharpie.

Nice Chompers!

Unlike some of the others on this list, he did not feel the need to turn himself into a cartoon cyborg. He did however get rather experimental with some basic Photoshop tools and treated his photo to a virtual visit to the dentist as we can tell from his glaring teeth.


He could have almost had us fooled, perhaps with a little more skill, this dude could have created the illusion of real sparkling white teeth. Instead, he just brightened the heck out of his teeth, almost to the point that it looks like he was hiding a flashlight in his mouth.

Snow Queen

This woman wanted to root for her favorite football team on Instagram, of course, she also decided to use the platform to do a little tweaking to her face, you know, to show us how much of a sports fan she truly is. How she’s getting her point across? We don’t know.


Seriously though, we all like a pair of expressive eyes but this edit is totally unnecessary. I’m starting to think there’s a secret underground society of crazed ice queens that is starting to take over. If that were true, it would seem they prefer infiltrating girl-next-door sports fans’ Instagram accounts.

Then and Now

Aging is a funny thing, one day you’re 12, living your life without a care in the world. The next minute you look in the mirror and you’re 30! Yikes! It just creeps up on you. Luckily, with photo manipulation, for the first time ever, aging might be the new way to reverse the clock, without the hefty price of cosmetic surgery.


This woman proved to us that’s totally possible and actually took us on a journey through time, to the day she was 12 years old again. And yes, just to confirm, this is not her and a picture of her two daughters, this is just the same woman going crazy with filters.

Hello, Lips

Ah yes, a woman’s lips are beautiful. Especially these ones, they’re so red and full. They can definitely grab your attention. But no matter how enticing a set of full lips can look, we must not forget that they’re only human, and human means having things like textured skin, fine lines, and pores.


When it comes to this photo, however, it seems like those key natural human attributes and characteristics are missing. This could be a digital recreation of a human mouth, but in reality, it’s a mouth that’s undergone untold manipulation and editing, to the point that this photo looks plastic and synthetic.

The Cyborg Look

Spending too much time on Instagram will make any sane person yearn for simpler times. While here it seems that photo filters are giving us a glimpse into the future. Such is the case with this woman who turned herself into a full-on digital version of herself that looks like an Anime character.


Or is she a character from Final Fantasy? No, she’s simply manipulating herself to the point of making herself resemble a video game character! Why? We don’t know! But sadly, she isn’t happy with her natural face, which is a bummer because natural is always beautiful compared to superficial imitation!

Match Made In Heaven

It can be a total mess out there in the world of modern dating. Just when you think the dating scene can’t get any worse, along comes dating apps like Tinder and OK Cupid that make it significantly more complicated. The fact that dating apps exist is already the worst, honestly.


It consistently undermines what all parents tried to teach us: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” So here we are with a lot of beautiful people who look too perfect to be real. Are they just incredibly good-looking or are they catfishing people who are genuinely looking for love?

Ken, Is That You?

This gentleman did a swell job in smoothing up the old mug and adding a pair of crystal blue eyes that look like a Mykonos sky. Couple that with bleach blond hair and you get the famous Ken doll. Albeit a slightly chunkier and perhaps older version? Let’s call this Ken post-breakup.


According to this photo, we’re expected to have perfectly smooth skin that looks like it was made up of a team of highly skilled makeup artists. Who has time for that whenever they take a photo? We can barely manage to brush our teeth before rushing out the door in the morning.

Crouching Tiger

It is likely that this individual is performing the greatest balancing acts in the world. Balancing a glass of red wine on your booty is one neat party trick, to say the least, but with those distorted tiger stripes and glass that looks like it’s been cut out of a magazine, we’re pretty sure that’s been photoshopped.


Let’s take a moment to appreciate this edited photo that makes us do a double-take and question reality. This neat little trick managed to score this kitty cat over 5,800 likes on Instagram, so whether it’s fake, or not, it’s still a crowd-pleaser. In this case, authenticity matters a little less.

Wedding Bliss

Looks like these two were so focused on looking good on their big day that they actually forgot to look happy! In addition to the various tweaks such as a brightening filter and some extreme eye makeup to the bride’s eyes, they added another little touch. The secret ingredient? Smiles.


At least all that photo editing helped make them look happy on their special day. Unfortunately though, in their rush to post the couple’s photo, she forgot to look well, like herself. While we’d all like to look like a Disney Princess we should embrace our unique features.

Bulking Up

Social media influencers are well-known for their impact on global beauty trends. However, when it comes to beauty standards, they also have their fair share of unrealistic and sometimes perplexing expectations. Like this incredibly buff guy. We don’t know what kind of gym routine you need to achieve this look.


But we do know, that is not how this guy got it. With shoulders like that and a tiny head that is somehow attached to that huge body, we’re calling it fake. Seriously, who came up with these standards? We really shouldn’t be conforming to these unrealistic beauty standards if the influencers can’t even keep up!

Clown Feet

The thing about being naturally tall is that while you might tower over other people, your body still stays in proportion. And even if you have freakishly long legs, your feet aren’t necessarily going to look as stretched out as this. This is just the result of digitally manipulating legs to make them look longer.


What we have here is clearly a shorter girl who just stretched out her legs. But hey, who are we to judge? If people want to make themselves appear like they’re wearing a pair of stilts, then more power to them. Just be careful not to end up looking like a cartoon character or a caricature.

The Food Lover

While restaurant critics might care about how a dish tastes or the smoothness of service, for Instagrammers, all that matters is how photogenic a dish is. And this influencer is no exception. While the food looks great, her eyes seem way too bright, to the point where it’s obvious she’s edited it for Instagram.


We’re not sure if she knows just how deranged she looks but her terrible photo manipulation skills make her look more like an alien than an Influencer. Somehow her eyes, even with all those smiles, look lifeless. How is that even possible when you’re holding a slice of pizza to your face?

Gym Rat

Spending your free time working out at the gym is a surefire way to get perfectly sculpt your body. Do enough workouts, and you’re bound to get those perfectly toned arms, sculpted quads, and chiseled abs. Still, no amount of gym will result in the disappearance of a waistline, as seen in this photo.


So we guess it’s safe to say that this woman, while still incredibly fit, perhaps fell victim to some serious over-editing. But hey, who needs reality when you can have an insanely curated online persona? Who cares if you don’t actually look like that in real life? As long as your Instagram feed looks flawless, right?


Where to begin? First of all, we’re glad this woman wanted to make a little compilation of festive selfies, but the progression here seems to be getting way out of hand. What started out as a reasonably realistic selfie, ended up becoming a nightmare. She looks like a completely different person!


We’ve all seen those Instagram photos where the person looks like a completely different person, thanks to some serious photo-editing skills. And now we can see the progression from natural with a slight filter all the way to extremely edited with a brand new hairdo. Come on Karen, where’s your self-love?

She Be Buggin

There’s no denying that beauty trends come and go, and some of them can be downright ridiculous. Remember when people were plucking their eyebrows to the point of extinction? Or when everyone was contouring their faces to look like they had cheekbones and jawlines chiseled by the gods themselves?


Well, the latest beauty trend seems to be all about having big, luscious lips. And we’re not just talking about a little bit of lip gloss and overlined lips. We’re talking about these trout pout, “I just got stung by a bee” lips that are practically begging for a puncture wound.

Hey There, Skinny Jeans

Yeah, this woman for sure looks like that! Seriously, if this was at all real, we’d need to get her some serious medical attention ASAP! Fortunately, for her health, she just stretched her body out using some nifty Photoshop tools. Is it just us or does the wall look a bit wonky?


Things just don’t look like that, and most of all, human beings do not look like that! It’s like a bad Photoshop job gone wrong. As evidenced by this photo, extreme photo-editing on social media pages like Instagram can be a bit ridiculous and sometimes even lead to hilarious fails.

Natural, Authentic Self

It feels like today’s young people preach a lot about self-acceptance, though this image doesn’t quite speak to that. Some people still use filters to hide every blemish and imperfection, leaving us mere mortals feeling inadequate and unworthy. This girl filtered so hard that she ended up looking like a Bratz Doll.


Those freakishly super long witchy fingers don’t look too real either. What’s with blowing up the size of her fingers and phone so she looks tiny in comparison? It almost looks like an actual doll holding up a phone. Not only are these Instagram filters a bit ridiculous but they can also perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards.

No One Nose How Good I Look

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “I wish I could have my nose and mouth blurred out?” Well, fear not my fellow selfie-takers, because Instagram filters are here to save the day! With Instagram filters, you can transform yourself into a vintage movie star, or even Voldemort.


But let’s be real, Instagram filters can be a bit ridiculous. I mean, who wants to look like a smooth, featureless alien? What’s the point? Come on girl, show that beautiful face of yours. This is not doing the world, nor you, any justice. Let’s call for a ban on all photo filters!

Skinny Skinny Jeans

We all know the trouble of finding a perfect-fitting pair of top-notch jeans without stepping foot in a store. Sometimes you see a pair online and you just know there’s no way it’s going to look as good as in real life. This picture perfectly encapsulates that feeling.


While trying to get the point across that these skinny jeans are, well, skinny, the person who edited this photo went way, way too far. Could his legs really be proportioned like that? Or could it be that our eyesight is playing tricks on us, even the floor is starting to look wonky?

Eye Can’t Look Away

We’ve seen our fair share of bad Photoshop jobs, but this one could be one of the worst. The task was simple, no need to change any bodily proportions, just change the eye color and neaten up his hair. While he was at it, he also decided to add a pair of eye glasses.


Many simple apps already know how to do this convincingly, but we bet this guy has not heard of such apps, or maybe he’s just really bad at using them. The terrifying results of his labor are right in front of your eyes, and we bet you can’t look away.

Muscle Woman

We’ve learned a lot covering Instagrammers over these past few days and one thing that we’ve realized is that few people would admit they’re thrilled about getting old, and even fewer are looking forward to looking old. This inevitably results in an overly filtred face like this that doesn’t exactly fit with her body.


Yep, being in your 40s isn’t nearly as glamorous and stress-free as you imagined it would be when you were a young, naive teen. But even for people who feel proud of all the muscles they gained through hours spent at the gym, it can still feel scary to bare your natural face to the world.

Every Dog Has Its Day

Slapping a heavy-handed filter on your photo is rarely the right thing to do, but in this case, the results are adorable. Dogs aren’t just man’s best friends anymore —they’re also great for sharing a selfie with. And if they don’t smile or quite have the right look, you could always just add a filter.


It seems beauty standards aren’t just taking over lives, they’re also affecting our pets. It seems nobody is spared from one of humankind’s worst inventions, not even our furry friends. If you think about it long enough you eventually have to ask yourself, do we really have to subject our dogs to this?

Made Up Makeup

Makeup really can do wonders for you and your face. It can change a person’s whole look, raise their self-esteem and enhance their facial features so much that it can transform their face. Makeup can be so good sometimes that it can even mesmerize you, at least for a moment.


There’s only one problem, doing so takes a lot of skill and also a lot of time. And who has time to sit for hours in a make-up chair nowadays, we all have places to be and people to see. So why spend hours in a make-up chair when you can just add an Instagram filter?

Chucky’s Bride?

Glamorous is not a word we would use to describe this filter. Yes, there’s the red lipstick and the lovely eyeliner, but somehow it looks more like a creepy doll filter than anything else. We don’t think this person intended to end up looking like the female version of Chucky, but that’s what you get for using too many filters.


One moment, you’re aiming for an elegant pose, but with a click and a swipe, you somehow become a movie character and not the good kind! But let’s not be too quick to pass judgment, we all know these filters can be a fun distraction and we’re just as guilty of using them as the next person.

Scary Stuff

I shouldn’t have to state the obvious, but I will, for clarity’s sake: using your phone to alter your appearance to this extreme is wildly obvious. By the looks of this photo, her ribs and her internal organs have completely disappeared! Seeing photos like this can subconsciously pressure unknowing onlookers to conform to these extreme standards.


And that kind of pressure can be damaging and disempower those who don’t look like this. So let’s embrace the messy, unfiltered parts of ourselves, it can be liberating! True beauty lies in the rawness of our experiences that remind us that life is beautifully flawed, not in an unattainable facade.

Mannequin Realness

Retro. Sierra. Inkwell. Filters are Instagram’s bread and butter; but if you’re going to use them you need to choose wisely, otherwise your photo ends up looking like an AI generated image. With so many filters and editing, it will be hard to tell what this guy actually looks like without them.


It’s not as flattering as you think it might be. So please, for the love of all that is good in this world, do not attempt to over-filter your photos! Unless you actually want your photo to feature in a magazine article titled: “What is wrong with kids these days!”

Sick or Not?

It’s no secret that most of what we see on Instagram has about as much basis in reality as the latest Avatar movie. But why live in reality when you can look this good while insisting that you’re sick? Apparently being sick means all her pores and fine lines disappear.


While there’s nothing wrong with rushing through post-production in pursuit of a few likes, she didn’t stop to wonder what she could be doing better. Maybe if she took a moment she’d realize that her hand looks, well, like a regular hand and that it doesn’t match her perfectly smooth face.

Casper, Is That You?

Turning up the highlights while editing your photo can give you a weird, unnatural tone. The best light is always natural sunlight, but you if you don’t have that it can be tempting to over-use the filters. Adjusting those filters a little bit can go a long way, but adjusting them too much can turn out like this.


So be careful, lest you look like a ghost that blends in with the white background. To paraphrase The Beatles, nobody wants to date Casper, yes he was a friendly ghost but trust us on this, you’ll look better with a bit of color on your cheeks and some hair on your head.

Pretty in Pink

There’s nothing like spending your time in the great outdoors with your man by your side! Of course, you want to make sure you look your best, just in case the perfect photo opportunity presents itself. This girl opted for a skin-tight pink dress and a glamorous pair of sunglasses.


But, alas, when it came time to upload the picture to social media, she couldn’t help but try and make a couple of small, minor tweaks. Sadly, they came out way too major for us to not notice. One way to tell that this photo has been distorted is to look at her shadow.

Say No to Filters

Being an Instagram influencer sounds like a pretty easy job, right? You just torment your followers, take an endless amount of selfies, add some hefty filters, and you’re famous! At least, that’s how it used to be. But now it seems like being an Instagram personality is getting weirder and there’s a reason for that …


It’s easy to make fun of the often-absurd world of Instagram influencers and their evolving appearances. But in their defense, it’s a difficult gig to maintain. Not only are people looking less like themselves, but they’re also looking less like real people. Instead, they look more like statues made out of wax.

Time to Shine

What’s the point of having a social media account if you can’t use it to convince strangers of your incredible abs? I’m asking this as a serious question. If you can’t show your followers that you’ve worked hard for your abs whenever you lift your shirt, why are you even on Instagram?


It’s a platform where you can shamelessly post self-aggrandizing photos without scrutiny. Well, probably some scrutiny. We’ve seen a few curated Instagram posts by now and because of that we can’t help but inspect each and every detail. In this case, it looks like she might have scuplted her abs post-production.

Magical Jeans

If someone approached you twenty years ago saying there was a pair of magical jeans that could shrink your waist and grow your booty, you’d probably say, “Thanks, but I haven’t financially recovered from the last scam yet.” It would have sounded ridiculous back then, but now with Photoshop, it’s a reality.


In the magical world of apps and Instagram, you too, could look like this. With a little tweak over here and some adjusting over there. But it seems she may have been a little too excited and edited her behind a bit too much, making this photo less convincing than a pair of magical jeans.

Bad Role Model

This beautiful model who is also a trained dancer posed for a picture while holding this very difficult position and for that we applaud her. But, when it came time to post the image to her social media account, she decided she needs to look even slimmer than she already is.


Her torso area seems to have shrunk so much that anyone who looks at this picture would know there’s no way that could be her actual body. It also seems she’s gotten so good at editing her photo as there’s no sign of photo manipulation when you look at the background.

Is It Even the Same Person?

While there are so many things to be blamed on unrealistic standards of beauty, this set of photos show us how we got here. It seems like the “selfie” has opened up a new world full of creative ways to elevate a plain photo and change your appearance into someone else.


While two photos look like they feature two different people, this is actually the same woman and with the help of makeup, lighting, angles and filters, she got a whole new new look. If there’s side-by-side photo that really shows what happens when photo editing goes too far, it’s this one.

Glued In

When someone tells you an ad has been PhotoShopped, the natural reaction is “Well, yeah, duh.” Which is exactly what we thought when we saw this Instagram post. Yes, it may be a photo, but it is also an advert featuring a beautiful woman who has the best product to get those perfect curls.


Adverts never had a good reputation, but now they’re even more misleading. Indeed, just as brands bucked traditional adverts in favor of more innovative ideas, businesses are operating outside the conventional mold and employing everyday people, like you and me, to sell their products and give them a more ‘personable’ touch.

New Waist, Who Dis?

Our modern culture seems to be somewhat obsessed with the idea of women having impossibly tiny waists. Maybe it all started with the Barbie doll, which famously has a waist that is too small to support her frame is to blame for that. But also, maybe at this point we are all at fault.


While showing her followers how she builds an outfit, this woman made sure to use editing tools to make her midsection as small as possible and not-at-all freakish-looking. But what else can she do when she operates on a social media platform that demands women have a shape that’s physically unattainable?

Mirror Mirror

Mirrors usually reflect reality, but nowadays they can be fuzzy at times. Like in this case, it’s apparent that the image has been edited, and whoever edited this photo forgot to touch up the real person as well. For starters, her waistline looks different when compared to the mirror and there’s something fishy about the shadow under her arm.


To the untrained eye, the differences between her reflection in the mirror and her in real life are negligible but we still noticed them. So while there have been some subtle changes made, it still shows you can’t forget about the small details, cause if you won’t, well, you end up posting something like this.

The Next Kardashian

By now we’ve experienced our fair share of terribly edited photos, but with so many posts on Instagram, there is always something new to see. So while we could all have a perfectly composed, expertly filtered photo—it might too boring for some, so why not turn yourself into a Bratz doll?


With her seriously long lashes to her perfectly rounded lips, she clearly wanted to stand out. But who can blame her considering our current day and age? In this ever-fickle and deranged society, the best way to get noticed is to post a selfie that’s not only terrifying but also reminds us of a popular children’s doll.

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