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Technology For A Greener Planet

Sustainability may be the latest “buzzword,” but we know it’s far from a passing trend. Climate change is an uncomfortably real threat. As businesses and consumers contend with creating a greener future, technology may emerge as a driving force. Thanks to advancements in technology, leading sustainable lives is more viable than ever before. Here are a few ways technology can encourage sustainable practices – from everyday habits to changes at systemic levels.


Smarter Energy Storage

When it comes to batteries, efficiently storing energy has proved a continual roadblock. It’s why solar power hasn’t taken off, despite being one of the cleanest sources of energy there is. Thankfully, today’s batteries are far more efficient. Cutting-edge battery systems like Powerwall by Tesla enable companies to use and store energy resourcefully. Sustainable without shortcuts on performance, modern-day battery systems are leading the world into a cleaner future.

With a Little Help from IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an incredible network that allows communication between various interconnected devices. Apart from making our lives easier, IoT can promote sustainable living as well. IoT-enabled appliances can drastically reduce energy consumption. You can automatically switch off heating, lights, or air conditioning at specific times. It’s also possible to remotely shut down devices when you’re away.

The Bigger Picture Through Big Data

We know big data is the key driver for online marketing. But it can also be used to improve sustainable practices. Analyzing reams of data can provide critical insights into how companies use energy. When done right, big data paint accurate pictures of energy efficiency and environmental risks. It can inform and hopefully inspire organizations towards reducing their carbon footprint.


The Future of Indoor Farming

As cities expand at a rapid pace, cultivable land and space become increasingly scarce each year. Vertical farms present an exciting alternative for agriculture. It’s now possible to grow food all year long. These revolutionary farms use precision technology, artificial light, temperature control, water, metal refractors, and carbon dioxide, regulators. In the long run, we could look at drastically reducing habitat destruction for arable land.

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