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The Latest On Popular Fad Diets

With summer in full swing many folks are on a mission to lose those extra pounds and get summer beach  bodies. Many of those individuals are turning to fad diets. Check out my take on many of these diets in these articles below.


  • Can You really Do the Whole30 As A Vegetarian via Greatist—Whole30 incorporates a lot of animal proteins, while eliminating grains, dairy, legumes, and soy. See what I tell this reporter who inquired about going on Whole30 as a vegetarian.




  • The Keto Diet: Is It Worth A Try via TobyAmidorNutrition.com– The ketogenic diet has become extremely popular for individuals looking to lose weight. In this article, I weigh in what the keto diet entails and the potential risks of following it.


  • Ask the Expert: Carb Cycling For Weight Loss via Today’s Dietitian Magazine— In my monthly column for Today’s Dietitian Magazine, I discuss another trendy diet. Although carb cycling is used effectively for athletes, find out my thoughts on carb cycling for weight loss and if it is a safe way to lose weight.

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