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The Apple Watch nobody really cared about is gone

Apple live event: Apple Watch Gold Edition

Apple made a ton of announcements last night – killing the headphone jack with theiPhone 7, introducing the Apple Watch Series 2, and finally bringing Pokémon Go to our wrists.

A couple of things happened to sneak under the proverbial rug, though, including some potentially Brexit-induced price hikes to the iPad range. Tut-tut.

While the UK masses will no doubt form some kind of fightback when they realise what has become of the iPad Pro price point, Apple also managed to stealthily avoid discussing the end of a ludicrously overpriced Apple Watch.

Introduced at the launch of the smartwatch last year, the top-top-tier variant of the Apple Watch was named the Edition, being priced at… brace yourself… £8,000-£13,500.

It’s okay, our eyes are still watering, too.

Apple understandably didn’t announce it was discontinuing that Edition during last night’s conference – avoiding multiple cheers in the process – but a new heir to the priciest Apple Watch throne was displayed.

Replacing the 18-karat gold option is a new ceramic Apple Watch Edition, which you can sling onto your wrist for the better-but-still-crazy price point of £1,249.

Happy saving!

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