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Most Astonishing Photographs Taken By Flying Drones

What can’t you do with a drone?  Military applications have multiplied over the last decade or so to the point that drones are a huge sensation. Drones are able to go where no one and nothing else can go and capture images that have never been seen or possibly even imagined before. It’s unbelievable how many of the very best photos are online for anybody to find. All you have to do is look. Here are the best photos ever taken by drones.

For sure, someone you know has flown one for fun, in their back yard or local park.  We have all seen footage on the news of surgical airstrikes by UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles). The Drone application, that is spreading like wildfire, more than any other, is using them in conjunction with high-resolution cameras to take some of the most unbelievable footage anyone has ever seen.


This soccer player was caught in midair by a professional drone operator in the middle of performing a bicycle kick. Always inspiring to see an athlete at the top of his game doing something nearly impossible. But why does he appear to be playing soccer on a tennis field?

Yet another shot taken with perfect timing. In photography as in sports, there’s room for pros and amateurs alike.

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